if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

We are a small , independent film production company, and pride ourselves on creating high quality content.

Nik Coleman Television produces TV documentaries and film alongside supporting local business, big and small by creating high quality film for website, social media, and B2B presentation.

Nik Coleman - Filmmaker/Director

Nik has 40 years experience in broadcast media worldwide. From being a nightclub DJ in his late teens, Nik has spent his career exploring radio and TV journalism and marketing, until forming Nik Coleman Television in 2005. With a passion for everything aviation, Nik created Plane Resurrection, being the company's primary  focus for the past 3 years. After releasing Series 2 worldwide in August 2018, Nik and the team are now working on Series 3 and 4.

Ellie Milton-White - Production Manager/Director

Ellie, has spent many years in sales and events, and after graduating as a mature student in Arts Management, has joined Nik Coleman Television working from the Midlands Office. Ellie produces our a selection of our stand alone documentaries whilst working with Nik on Series 3 and 4 on Plane Resurrection. Ellie also heads up our Corporate Film sales. 

Rachel Bull -  Creative Editor

Rachel joined us with minimal experience, ready to learn, and in the last 2 years has progressed her editing and camera skills to become 1st AC and 2nd/3rd Camera operator on many locations across the world, all this alongside her incredible editorial skills on some of our most challenging emotional documentaries. 

Byron Webster- Training Junior Editor

Byron has joined the NCTV team as an intern, and is quickly training in camera work and editing skills.

Colin McClean - Voice Over Artist/ Director

Colin has been with NCTV for many years providing creative support and incredible business counsel. He is the familiar voice of Plane Resurrection and now, That's All Brother. 

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